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Reconstructing medical breast diagram

I was painting the other day. I decided to work with the medical diagram that the surgeons use to illustrate their surgical procedures. I cut out a stencil based on this image and used it in my first painting. When I lifted the stencil off I noticed it was covered with paint so made a print of this. When I lifted the stencil off the second art work the left breast shape stayed stuck on the paper.  I then did another print which now had a hole where my breast had previously been. This really seemed to reflect my breast surgery process.

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Paintings of Judith Wright

I just came across the Australian artist Judith Wright. I am drawn to her interest in using the body to convey life’s journey. She often deals with the impermanence and the vulnerability of life.  She came to her art practice from a background in classical dance, having performed with the Australian Ballet for four years so as she says it is only to be expected that she conveys a performer’s sensitivity to the body.  There is something in her images, some of which are shown below, that deeply resonate with me. She seems to capture for me the  idea of the body as landscape of experience. These images were downloaed from http://www.sophiegannongallery.com.au/artists/view/49/judith-wright/work on 18th June 2012

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Normative Bodies

This is a movie I presented at the International Conference of the International Association for the study of sexuality, culture and society in Madrid in July 2011.