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Using breast cancer to sell porn and breast enlargements

As a woman who has experienced breast cancer I get increasingly enraged how my experience of a life threatening illness is used to sell everything. In Australia the pink lady brand is ubiquitous appearing everywhere. The pink of breast cancer research is used to market everything from soft drink, to eggs, to clothing. However in US I think they have hit a new low using the image of breast cancer research to sell porn and breast enlargements. Real subtle! Kathi Kolb writing on her blog

highlighted the issue with her story below

“Porn for the Cure

If mere tit-illation isn’t enough for you, how about pornography? Okay, well, not exactly, but another recent news item, from the “You can’t make this stuff up” category, reported that last Tuesday, April 24th, online-streaming porn site [and no, I’m not providing a link] teamed up with “award-winning porn star,” Bree Olson, to provide free breast exams in a bus in downtown New York. Yeah, really. I shudder to contemplate what sorts of awards they dish out to porn stars. And why.

It’s not quite as bad as it sounds. They did have “a team of medical professionals” to carry out these exams, including Dr. David Shafer, a diplomate of the American Board of Plastic Surgery, reportedly voted a “TOP DOC for Botox, Liposuction, Tummy Tuck, and Facelift,” who “was on board to lecture customers on how to conduct examinations of their own and offered his own screening services free of charge.” What a guy. Wonder if Olson is one of his patients. Olson herself told Fox News that she was motivated to do this because the mother of a close friend died in her thirties of breast cancer. Explaining Pornhub’s rationale for the bus,Olson remarked, “They figured, you know, breasts are a large part [no pun intended, I’m sure] of our industry, and the two would kind of coincide.” Heart-warming, isn’t it? One site which reported on this story, called Peeperz — trust me, do not visit — also included a video of a lifelike-down-to-the-tanlines, animated 3D woman-droid performing a breast self-exam. Nice that they’re so public-spirited. And you only need one hand to click ‘Play.’” Kathi Kolb



Accidental Amazon Blog

I just found an amazing blog called accidental amazon by an American woman. She is also affronted by the pink lady and has a page on her blog called pink peril. Check it out.

Red not Pink!

Once I became aware of the pink lady it seemed to assault me from all directions. I made this movie

Inflated Pink Girl

I have found the whole consumerism of the pink lady brand to sell anything from soft drink to soft toys quite offensive. Just because I have breast cancer doesn’t mean I automatically morph into some stereotypical ‘Stepford’ wife dressed in pink! One day while walking in the city of Melbourne I was confronted by a giant inflated pink lady. I wondered what it was all about. It was a promotion for Berlie Bras for free fittings for their newest sexy lacy bra. The fact that they were donating a small amount of money to breast cancer research allowed them to use the breast cancer logo to promote their product. A product that is pretty much out of reach for women with breast cancer who have to wear a prosethis.

In response I wrote this poem

Inflated Pink Girl

Inflated little baby pink girl
She brings to mind the delightful innocence
of childhood;
of playing carefree and loved
full of energy and joy.
Strange that she has been adopted
as the logo for breast cancer research.

Breast cancer which is treated by
chemotherapy, radiation and surgery
leaving women feeling assaulted.
Questioning their femininity
as their hair falls out
and their breasts are cut away.

Kay Gravell
10th June 2010