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Judith Wright’s 2011 exhibition A wake, her first major figurative installation, marks a new development in her long meditation on the loss of her daughter, who died shortly after birth many years ago. Wright says ‘the power of the shadow to conjure absence’ directed her to make A wake. The ancient Greeks associated shadows with the soul, and this is true of Wright’s musicians: their shadows are the soul of their music.

Wright’s reference to shadows as a means of conjuring absence resonates with me as I  have been drawn to taking photos of shadows; maybe this is also related to my work about leaving traces of my life behind – traces can also become shadows.

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Paintings of Judith Wright

I just came across the Australian artist Judith Wright. I am drawn to her interest in using the body to convey life’s journey. She often deals with the impermanence and the vulnerability of life.  She came to her art practice from a background in classical dance, having performed with the Australian Ballet for four years so as she says it is only to be expected that she conveys a performer’s sensitivity to the body.  There is something in her images, some of which are shown below, that deeply resonate with me. She seems to capture for me the  idea of the body as landscape of experience. These images were downloaed from on 18th June 2012

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