Smoke Drawing

I began to play with the idea of tracing; I decided to make some smoke drawings. I used different papers and candles to get a range of effects.  I tried a number of different types of paper and candles before I got the smoke to really leave a mark. I loved the totally emergent nature of the pictures. The smoke made beautiful images in the air before swirling around the paper. Although I moved the paper in an attempt to control the aesthetic of what I was creating I really had very limited control over where the smoke went. I found this really freeing. Just allowing the smoke to make its mark.

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One response to “Smoke Drawing

  1. To stay still enough to capture a moment –
    Allowing forming to be informing…
    I dive in
    Immersing with emergence
    Annointed with a smoking of a different kind
    Danced by the numinous…

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