Normative Bodies

This is a movie I presented at the International Conference of the International Association for the study of sexuality, culture and society in Madrid in July 2011.


4 responses to “Normative Bodies

  1. fabulous video , well done you, i had mastectomy of my right breast in august 2009 , and at first i thought i would die or get reconstruction i mean i really wanted it, but as time as gone by i no longer feel the need, i am use to myself now as i am with just one breast, and almost feels like i was always like this, i havent ruled reconstruction out completely yet, but more and more each day i feel happy and beautiful the way i am now

  2. In 2007 in Hawaii, they found a suspicious cletsur in my right breat in a duct while in Hawaii they sonogramed every 3 months, not sure if that was good, but when I returend to the mainland, I am on medicaide due to family illness, caregiving for 5 years, the a Bone Marrow diognosis of my own also in 2007. Thus, went to Hawaii for 9 months. When I returend they did a mamogram, then told me medicaid would only pay for 2 a year, Now I was told they would only pay for one. The cludster bothers me. Knowing it is there. I am afraid that they are waiting for it to become Breat Cancer before they will act on this. Do you have any advise.

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