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Inflated Pink Girl

I have found the whole consumerism of the pink lady brand to sell anything from soft drink to soft toys quite offensive. Just because I have breast cancer doesn’t mean I automatically morph into some stereotypical ‘Stepford’ wife dressed in pink! One day while walking in the city of Melbourne I was confronted by a giant inflated pink lady. I wondered what it was all about. It was a promotion for Berlie Bras for free fittings for their newest sexy lacy bra. The fact that they were donating a small amount of money to breast cancer research allowed them to use the breast cancer logo to promote their product. A product that is pretty much out of reach for women with breast cancer who have to wear a prosethis.

In response I wrote this poem

Inflated Pink Girl

Inflated little baby pink girl
She brings to mind the delightful innocence
of childhood;
of playing carefree and loved
full of energy and joy.
Strange that she has been adopted
as the logo for breast cancer research.

Breast cancer which is treated by
chemotherapy, radiation and surgery
leaving women feeling assaulted.
Questioning their femininity
as their hair falls out
and their breasts are cut away.

Kay Gravell
10th June 2010