Plaster casts

I decided to make a plaster cast of my chest before my first operation.  The experience of wetting the plaster bandages and then applying them to my chest was quite meditative and comforting. I smoothed the plaster bandages creating a second hardened skin. Encased in my protective plaster armour I  felt secure, but I was aware that I was creating a plaster memorial of my intact left breast. I made another plaster cast after my mastectomy. This plaster cast accentuated the new concave shape of my left chest wall.

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2 responses to “Plaster casts

  1. Hi Kay. I have just found your blog and am enjoying it very much so far. I have just added it to my blog roll (though I’m having some tech problems – will iron these out, I hope!). I very much regretted doing nothing to ‘memorialise’ my breast prior to my mastectomy, and am very struck by your ideas on this. I look forward to reading more fully.

    • Thanks for putting a link to my blog on your blog. Its great that you have compiled a list of blogs. It’s so exciting discovering a whole world of connection, support and information in cyber space. I enjoyed reading your story and look forward to following your life in Darwin. I’m a social worker as well as a creative arts therapist and am passionate about providing a space for women to reflect on the emotional as well as the physical aspects of breast cancer. Kay

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