Japan Trip

I had a planned trip to Japan and decide to go ahead with this before my surgery. Being in another country allows me to be truly present to every moment of my experience. Although I am immersed in my experience of Japan, my nipple is constantly at the outer edge of my awareness.   I see nipples everywhere! I take photos of nipples in the forest, in the city, in buildings, in the street, in the airplane and in temples.


Incredibly I seem to come across ‘damaged or missing left nipples’ everywhere!


2 responses to “Japan Trip

  1. I LOVE these images. LOVE. Wanted to share a few images with you. The first two posts are images of mine, the last has images made by other artists:




    xoxo, Kathi

    • Hi Kathi,

      Thank you for sending me the links of your art work, it is inspiring. I loved it! I loved your image of the bra. A friend of mine has a fantastic website called bracanvas in which she is exploring the telling of stories using bras as a canvas. Also I am grateful to you for introducing me to the work of Matushka. I have seen her images before but didn’t know her story. Love you blog. Kay

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