I have created this blog to provide a space for women who have had a mastectomy and other interested family members, friends and health professionals to share ideas, information, images, emotions and opinions in relation to their experience of breast cancer. I would like to encourage discussion about the real authentic experience of women with breast cancer. I am particularly interested in how women make sense of their changed bodies following breast cancer surgery. My hope is that people will be respectful in their posts, understanding that their are different experiences and views in relation to decisions made in response to a breast cancer diagnosis.

I welcome any responses either in writing or an artistic form. If you would like to to publish a resonse please email it to me at kaygravell@gmail.com


20 responses to “Welcome

  1. Hi Kay,

    Congratulations on going live. I hope your blog inspires meaningful dialogue.

    Warm Regards,


  2. Hi Kay..
    Not sure if you’ll remember me. You assessed me in my final core for my grad dip. Anyway… Ive posted your blog link on FB and hope that the message spreads and you get a great response. Technology can be such a wonderful way to connect the far and wide.

  3. Looks really good Kay – I hope the words, images, poetry spread, Jan

  4. Kay,
    I hope this blog flourishes, supports, questions, informs and connects. Thanks you for the invitation to participate in your doctoral process. I will be visiting with interest.

  5. Stay with this guys, you’re helping a lot of peploe.

  6. Hi Kay – just got on and worked my way through the blog. You are such a brave, honest and creative woman. Thankyou for sharing your journey. I am quite taken aback by the image drawn by your surgeon to show you how they would remove your nipple. I thought it was an art piece you had made! Looks so much like an eye. I guess one of the things that strikes me when I read your blog is how women are controlled. Seems like you had pressure to have a reconstruction – as though the surgeon would be healed if you had two breasts. I also think there is pressure to have breasts of a certain shape …. Who makes these rules? There is an enormous and disturbing lot of greetign cards dedicated to the humour of saggy older womens breasts. Not funny! And somehow we have a rule that you can’t show nipples (check out all the devices to cover nipples). We are all being shaped. I fancy a world where women are celebrated no matter how many breasts they have (some women have 3), a world where women are considered beautiful whether or not they have saggy breasts ….. Maybe I want a world where womens bodies are not objectified! … I definitely want a world where the individual beauty (physical, emotional and spiritual) of each and every woman is celebrated …. And I think your blog brings that reality a little closer. Mwa mwa Kitty

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